How To Conduct Fantastic Interviews

What The Numbers Show

People need around 7 seconds to make a first impression. That means that you will get a first impression of an interviewee in the first 7 seconds. But it also takes 7 seconds for the potential employee to get a feel of the interviewer, and implicitly, the company they represent.

Stress Isn’t Good For Anyone

Some jobs need to stress test candidates at recruitment level. If you’re going to be a first-responder for example, managing stressful situations will be key to the role and so it’s important that people demonstrate this ability during the recruitment process.

Listening Is Key

I’ve seen so many interviews ruined by recruiters that couldn’t stop talking about themselves or the company. Yes, these things are important. Candidates should understand what they’re getting themselves into.

Come Prepared

The best way to make the most out of an interview is to come to that interview prepared. And by this I mean first and foremost, a comprehensive list of questions. I recommend open-ended questions to start the conversation and get a good overview of the candidate. So, we can ask questions such as:

Don’t Lose Track Of The Big Picture

Interviews help recruiters make a hiring decision. It’s a good way to understand a person at a basic level, and it’ll act as a good first step for the recruitment process. But it’s not enough. It’s crucial to corroborate information gathered in a well conducted interview with data gathered from:

  • Resume and cover letter analysis
  • Technical interviews
  • Assignments

In Conclusion

Conducting an interview that actually helps you make a hiring decision is not an exact science. There’s a lot of wiggle room, and recruiters need to adapt to a candidate’s answer to truly understand who’s a good fit, and who’s not.



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Philip Keezer

Philip Keezer


I’m Philip J. Keezer, president and founder of management consulting firm Grindstone Capital. Dedicated to hard work, learning, positivity and accountability.