How your business can fight climate change

Philip Keezer
3 min readDec 7, 2022

The recent COP27 event demonstrated the need for solutions to the current climate crisis — and it’s incumbent upon all of us to do our bit to help decarbonise the economy.

Success in business and environmental stewardship no longer have to be mutually exclusive aims. It’s possible to build your business in a way which follows green principles and helps mitigate its impact on the environment, allowing your enterprise to also become a green company.

Firms across many sectors are using their resources to fight climate change, but you and your business could also play a part in this. But how? Read on to find out.

Innovative green business solutions

Various industries are developing new and exciting ways to tackle climate change. This may be through simple investment, as is the case with Google’s parent company Alphabet which is hoping to become carbon-free by 2030. Office equipment manufacturers are also becoming more environmentally conscious — with HP making it a business priority to limit the use of non-recycled plastic, make equipment more efficient, and plant trees to combat deforestation.

Some companies are even using AI to help the world prepare for upcoming extreme weather events relating to climate change.

Firms such as Persefoni and Pachama also hope to use AI as a way of measuring carbon in business operations and forests. Low-carbon alternatives are quite a common venture for those fighting climate change — Verkor, a French company, recently got 250 million euros in funding to produce low-carbon batteries.

The transport sector is also seeing significant innovations, as electric vehicles become more commonplace, and their construction becomes more eco-friendly. Ember Core in Scotland has the distinction of being the UK’s first electric intercity bus service, and London start-up Elmo provides an electric vehicle subscription service.

Every sector is figuring out how to adapt to climate change, and these innovations could make a big difference.

Philip Keezer

How to become a green business

Being a green company doesn’t just mean inventing new technologies which tackle the climate crisis — any firm could streamline, and improve, its operations to reduce its environmental impact. Even if these changes may seem small, everything your company does to fight climate change has an effect. The supply chain may be your first priority, in which case the business could commit to sourcing sustainable products, using local ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging.

Businesses having the lights on all day can waste energy if natural light is just as effective at brightening up the office. By making sure that the lights are only on when absolutely necessary; you could take this further by switching the bulbs for energy-efficient alternatives. Another way to limit electrical use is to prioritise laptops and make sure employees unplug after reaching full charge.

There are many ways that you might streamline your pre-existing or future business to make sure that it’s eco-friendly and can fight the climate crisis; even if just in small amounts. Every little helps, and your business too can be a green business.

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