Maintaining A Strong Company Culture Remotely

What Is A Strong Company Culture?

A company culture is a set of values, objectives and practices that define a company. It’s not something that can be covered entirely in a few words, since it encompasses a lot of what your company does. A default to data, a relaxed working environment, and the quest for efficiency can all be part of the same company culture. But so can an emphasis on creative work, a preference for discipline and a uniform.

How To Build A Company Culture Remotely

We’re going to start with a disclaimer here. A lot of what will be covered in this section is simply a guide on how to create a company culture in any situation. However, we’ll make sure to add pointers and ideas of how everything can be implemented accordingly, and we’ll mention companies with a strong, remote culture that pre-exists the CoVid Pandemic.

Formulate And Stick To Your Values

The first step in maintaining a strong company culture remotely is formulating the core values that you want a company culture to align to. If you already have a well-established company, with employees working for you, you shouldn’t just think about these values yourself.

  • Zapier employees don’t have to work a specific amount of hours each day. They just work as much as it takes to get the job done.
  • Zapier employees have unlimited vacation time.
  • Zapier customer support agents focus on your problem and give it their all to be empathic and understanding
  • Zapier has more core values they rely on, and you can read more about their culture and values here.

Set Company Culture Goals

Once you have a clear picture of your values, and ideal culture, you should set clear goals, both for your company, and for adopting a company culture. This is extremely important in a remote setting, because you want everyone to understand how they can play a part in embodying the culture you want for your company.

Involve Everyone

Lastly, after you set clear goals and core values, it’s time to make sure everyone is on board with them. Have clear, shareable documents detailing the principles you’ve been working on and make sure everyone on your team reads them.

In Conclusion

Maintaining a strong company culture remotely is not impossible, but it might be a bit harder than it was to do it live. We recommend detailing the core values and objectives of your company, then involving everyone to join in and help you uphold them.



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Philip Keezer


I’m Philip J. Keezer, president and founder of management consulting firm Grindstone Capital. Dedicated to hard work, learning, positivity and accountability.